Linda Aloysius

Fine Art Programme; Associate Lecturer

I am a sculptor and researcher currently working at the cross-over between sculpture, site and document.

My PhD research (Goldsmiths) addresses the background conditions affecting women artists' creativity. In so doing, my thesis considers the historical and contemporary representation of women, particularly where this involves approaches of flattening and fragmentation. Relatedly, I examine interconnected issues such as the gaze, the politics of looking, invisible labour, notions of place (as body, as material site, as psyche), precarity, intimacy, gender-based (in)equality, desire and embodied marginalisation.

My artistic practice responds to these research strands, and draws from my long-standing fascination with objects and materials and a need to physically engage formal and intuitive construction processes. I build so-called 'figurative' sculptures from found object fragments, forming my ongoing series New Model Army. I sometimes exhibit the sculptures in gallery and museum spaces. Previous exhibitions have included at V22, London (2016), Women's Art Library, London (2016), Deptford Lounge, London (2015), Fold Gallery, London (2011), APT, London (2011), Sir John Soanes Museum (2010), CCCB, Barcelona (2009), Gohan-Sabuk Art Village, South Korea (2009) and Zabludowicz Collection, London (2008). I have also enjoyed curating and exhibiting in various alternative sites.

More recently, I photograph the sculptures outside, developing site-sensitive, sculptural-photographic projects and forming documents (limited edition publications) such as my (forthcoming) publication Land Operation: New Model Army: Site, Sculpture, Marginality (2017).

As researcher, I convene and present at conferences, symposia and panels in London and internationally, including at Lisbon University (2016), Goldsmiths College (2016, 2015, 2010), University of Oxford (2011), Freie University, Berlin (2008), Jerwood Space, London (2008). Published articles and works include in peer-reviewed journal Museological Review (2016) and In Search of The Real George Elliot, edited by Roxy Walsh (2005).