Erika Tan

Sensing Obscurity I: The Manor House; English Literature; artefacts and the performativity of objects; contrapuntal readings; and looking inwards backwards. 2-channel HDV, 4 track audio. 28.31mins. 2012

Fine Art Programme; 4D Pathway Tutor, BA Fine Art

My practice is organised around the principles of contingency, using a range of media and formats including multichannel moving image installations and participatory structures. My current projects include the post-colonial museum, received narratives and the archive. 

My recent exhibitions include: Waterside Project Space, London; Persistent Visions, Vargas Museum, Philippines;  A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and Marvels of Travelling, BankART, Japan; NO HAY CAMINO, LABoral, Spain; Thermocline of Art, ZKM; Singapore Biennale.

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