Dr Erika Balsom

Fine Art Programme; Associate Lecturer, MRes Art: Moving Image

My research is broadly concerned with the intersection of moving image art and the transformations of cinema after digitization. My book, Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art (Amsterdam University Press, 2013), confronts the changing contours of what we call “cinema” after digitization through an examination of uses of the moving image and references to film history in art since 1990. I argue that the integration of cinema into the gallery is marked by an interplay of old and new media: cinema emerges as a senescent medium compared to digital, networked media, but in relation to traditional media such as painting and sculpture, it is a technological marvel supplying spectacular novelty. I am currently at work on a new book manuscript that interrogates the implications of the new forms of image distribution and circulation made possible by digitization, particularly as they have been both adopted and reflected upon in artists’ moving image.

My writing has appeared in exhibition catalogues, magazines, and journals such as Cinema Journal, Screen, and Afterall, and I have lectured widely, including recent talks at LUX (London), Light Industry (New York), Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris), and the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh). I am features editor of Moving Image Review and Art Journal (MIRAJ). I hold a PhD in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University and am currently a lecturer in Film Studies and Liberal Arts at King’s College London. 

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