Alex Landrum

'St Paul's Cathedral from Fleet Street' 2014

Fine Art Programme; Tutor, MA Fine Art.

My teaching and research interests primarily concern contemporary painting, exploring and investigating the breadth and diversity of material practices and critical discourses that make up this productively unstable field of fine art. I am also engaged in investigating how contemporary painting practices and critical discourses transform our relationship to and reappraisal of modernist and pre-modernist painting and, in return, how this critical re-engagement with historical works contributes to the emergence of new possibilities in contemporary painting.

As well as exhibiting my own paintings and installations from 1989, nationally and internationally - including the Saatchi and Lisson Galleries - I co-edited, with the artist and writer Edward Whittaker, two books of collected essays. The first, 'Nonsite to Celebration Park: Essays on Art & the Politics of Space' was published in 2007. The most recent book, a collection of essays entitled 'Painting With Architecture in Mind', was released in 2012. 

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