Robert Bradbrook

I am an Associate Lecturer who teaches storyboarding, cinematography and storytelling on the MA Character Animation course. 

I started my professional career as a cartographer whilst making slide shows and cine films in my spare time. In 1991 I returned to college to develop my hobby and took an MA in Electronic Arts and Graphics at Coventry University. Here I created my first computer animation The Sleeper

In 1993 I was awarded an Arts Council of England Animate! grant to make End of Restriction, a 5-minute film created on an early home computer that enters the claustrophobic world of a teenager boy living in an English village.

I completed Home Road Movies in 2001 for Channel 4. The film tells the true story of my father and our family car. The film went on to be nominated for a Bafta and won some of the most prestigious awards in animation including the Cartoon d'Or in 2004. 

My latest film Dead Air, which deals with the unstoppable nature of ‘change’ in our communities and was premiered at the 2014 London Film Festival.  

I have also collaborated with many other film makers including Yousaf Ali Khan on his Bafta nominated live action short Talking with Angels and I am in script development on his latest feature film, The Journey set in Afghanistan. 

Between personal films I run my own company and provide animation for film, television and new media. Most recently I have produced animated scenes, title sequences and visual effects for the feature films, Peter - A Study for a Portrait of a Serial Killer and Karl Golden’s Weekender and the new Tony Benn feature documentary - Will and Testament. 

As well as being Senior Tutor at the NFTS, I give storytelling workshops to colleges around the world and production companies including Aardman.

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