Dr Carlos Peralta

Associate lecturer, MA Innovation Management

I am an Associate Lecturer on the course. I have taught widely nationally and internationally, with special focus on product and industrial design and I am currently also a Senior Lecturer in Design at the University of Brighton. During my professional career, I have worked as a design consultant and entrepreneur, in design and product development of lighting products, furniture and exhibition stands. I participated as a doctoral researcher in the Design in Science research project funded by the EPSRC at the University of Cambridge, and most recently as a post-doctoral researcher in the DWoC project funded by TEKES at Aalto University in Helsinki. My research interests include interdisciplinary collaboration between designers and scientists, system thinking and complexity, services design, and design for society. I am an author, has written journal and conference papers, book chapters and has been exhibiting since 1992. I have a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

More about me and current projects:




How can industrial designers support scientists in their research activities?

From product to service design: A thinking paradigm shift