Alice Holmberg

Alice Holmberg
Alice Holmberg

Culture & Enterprise Programme; Associate Lecturer, MA Innovation Management and BA Culture, Criticism and Curation

As well as being an Associate Lecturer in MA Innovation Management and BA Culture, Criticism and Curation at CSM, I also teach at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion.

I focus on creativity and resilience. Particularly how creativity can be abstracted from its tangible expression to create resilient systems, processes and most of all, resilience of mind.

That translates into teaching 'Creative Resilience'. Here, my classes foster each student's creativity in understanding the craft of creating resilient projects, businesses and careers. We analyse leadership, collaboration and strategy, respectively and work with frameworks to benchmark of systems. It is a journey of learning, with the goal is to find how students can these to their own practise – finding their own creative resilience. 

My teaching takes the form of action-learning and includes exercises from improvisation theatre, mindfulness, scenario planning and appreciative inquiry. 

Furthermore, I have the great fortune of giving guest lectures on design strategy, innovation and resilience internationally, namely at Berlin University of the Arts, Estonian Academy of the Arts, Munich Technical University, Aalto University in Helsinki and Politecnico di Milano. 

My professional practise gravitates toward conscious entrepreneurship and I have co-established an entirely new academic institute, Haptic Interface Design; played a key part in building up a London-based charity that involves residents in the decisions on public space and urban planning; and have started a business, Pride & Produce, which connects rural craftsmen in to the digital economy. 

This under the umbrella House of Holmberg, my consultancy house for all things creativity and innovation. Partners, clients and collaborators include EU Creative Europe programme Human Cities, the City of Munich, Vitsœ and British Council Sustainable Fashion.