Mauro Di Pasquale

Planning and Business Development Manager

What does your role consist of?

I'm responsible for the planning, development, delivery of bespoke and professional training courses as well as the planning of the short course programme at Central Saint Martins. The programme includes evening, weekend and seasonal courses.

What are some of the most interesting projects you have been involved in?

I've been dealing with bespoke training with both small and large companies. One project was a commission we had with a broadsheet newspaper. They needed training for their marketing and sales team to think outside of the box. I provided that training by identifying the right lecturer at Central Saint Martins who in this case was the Course Leader for MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries. He delivered a lecture followed by practical exercises including building a time machine! 

Another example was a very small fashion company based in Germany. They wanted to rethink their products, how to approach clients and media, understand which trade shows they should attend. He did a fashion surgery, went through the client's materials and provided feedback and advice. Our trainer took the group to Somerset House for a London Fashion Week event, they met designers and organisers of the Fashion week. After that, they moved to East London. They visited a concept store in Old Street and several independent East London shops. He then did a follow-up afterwards to monitor progress.

Finally, a student delegation from a South American university wanted to spend a week in London. They wanted to do three specific activities - cool hunting to spot cool places, a furniture design class here at the College and then a typography workshop with one of our tutors. 

Is this your first role at CSM?

No it's not, my first role was as Short Course Manager dealing with the co-ordination of all our short courses. This was a great role because it enabled me to understand all the operational activities and I was able to meet and get to know all the trainers and technicians. This is essential in finding the right people for the job in my present role. 

What did you do before you started at Central Saint Martins?

I graduated in Communication and Languages in Milan. After that I started working for a fashion company in Milan and during that time I worked in the press office and retail operations and finance offices of this company. This experience increased my interest in fashion and design. After that I worked in a fashion and design academy in Milan and co-ordinated courses for international students. 

What excites you most about working here?

Contact with people, the environment: young, creative and international at CSM; dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis!