Heidi Hammond

Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager

What does your role consist of?

I look after our client database, which is a work in progress - meaning I’m looking at lots of spreadsheets. This is because we want to develop our relationships with clients, contacts and people who have engaged with us before in some way. I’m also writing case studies, gathering images and footage to communicate what we do online and across social media. There’s usually something interesting happening that I’m supporting the team with as well.

What are some of the most interesting projects you have been involved in?

The Tod’s project is great example. They’re a footwear company who wanted our graphics and communications students to come up with content for their ’No_code’ online campaign. The project ran across all three year groups and the client was really impressed with the results. They’ve decided to buy the Intellectual Property rights in six of the student works which is really good - usually clients only want the winner. I attended the judging event and saw the students interacting with the client and the client really praising their work. That’s always the nicest thing to see - the positive face-to-face interaction.

The Future of News was a graduate consultancy with News UK where they wanted graduates to consider how news may be consumed in the future. The grads came up with some really good concepts - for example a Boris e-reader for commuters to use on the train. The name came from Boris Bikes and the way they’re used for the time needed and then handed back in. All their ideas were showcased in a pop-up news cafe in Soho created specifically for the project. It was a really busy, lively event at which graduates got to network with a lot of senior media executives - it was great experience for them. 

Is this your first role at CSM?

No - I joined in 2007 to manage a specific project for one year which was called Innovation Central. It was an LDA funded scheme to award bursaries to innovative new businesses in Camden and Islington. As that came to an end a job opportunity came up in the Business and Innovation department dealing with contracts and projects which I applied for and then became permanent and my job’s evolved since then.

What did you do before you started at Central Saint Martins?

Since graduating in English and Film and Drama at Reading I worked in film post-production for two years, then I moved to Bloomberg in the TV department before moving into events and marketing – but financial media wasn’t for me and I left after 5 years so I could freelance in the creative industries. I started working at LCC and eventually got the job at CSM.

What excites you most about working here?

I really like being surrounded by creative people with lots of energy - young people with so much potential. I love being involved in projects where I see students and graduates make that change from thinking about things academically to seeing where their future might lead.