Huan Wang

For nine years, before he came to London, Huan worked as a set designer on more than 40 theatrical productions, including drama, musicals, dance, western opera and Chinese opera.

His professional experience includes: 

  • A director member of Sanghi Scenography Association.
  • The core creative team member of the 29th Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony (Creative Director of Visual Creation department).
  • Chief Visual Designer of the 6th Winter Asian Games Opening Ceremony.

He has received awards such as the prestigious Excellent Personal Honour  from the 29th Beijing Olympic Ceremony in 2008; Best Set Designer of The Splendour Award 2010 by the Ministry of Culture PRC, and the Annual Institutional Prize conferred by the Opera Association PRC.

In 2012, two productions designed by Huan were awarded the National Project for the Distillation of the Stage Artsan award given to projects that best represent the standard of the Chinese National Art, launched by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Culture in 2002.

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