Student Perspectives

Film by Zoë Vintilescu and Maria Toro, Fashion Communication
Zoë Vintilescu and Maria Toro

We spoke to three students on our MA Fashion Communication: Fashion Critical Studies Pathway about their experiences studying at Central Saint Martins.

How would you describe this course?

Samira Guerra: It’s an engaging and challenging course that deals with emerging ideas and very contemporary discourses in and about fashion. It introduces students to the various ways in which fashion is communicated and has a unique mix of knowledge, skills and ideas because it combines practice and theory on three different pathways.

The Critical Studies pathway involves a lot of reading, discussion and writing because critical reflection on fashion, culture and the body is at the heart of this pathway. Students benefit from in-depth discussions with fellow students but also with various scholars in their fields of expertise.

Iliana Delgiorgi: It’s a really interesting pathway that takes a thorough approach to fashion research. The way it’s structured was extremely beneficial, with lecturers from different backgrounds approaching fashion issues from various levels and covering a wide area in the field of fashion studies. The course also helps students explore their interests in fashion theory, and combines this with an academic background.

Can you tell us about your academic background, and how this benefitted you on the course?

Samira Guerra: I graduated from social anthropology and media communication studies. The interdisciplinary approach of the course was really constructive for my student experience, as it helped create interesting discussions as well as an exchange of skills and knowledge.

Iliana Delgiorgi: I have a BA in Communication and Media Studies, and have some experience as a Press Assistant for a Video Art Festival. I believe students from different backgrounds can inform each other about disciplines the others know little about, which helps them find new fields for exploration and research.

What was it like working with other fashion students at Central Saint Martins?

Iliana Delgiorgi: The 'Shadowing Project', where MA Fashion and MA Fashion Communication students worked together, was a great experience. Our fellow fashion students were really helpful and I was able to learn about the ways in which the fashion design process is developing.

Ida Santoriello: During the one year course all three MA Fashion Communication pathways have been able to work together on few occasions, through seminars and a group project.