Exploring Curation: Theory and Practice

Curated This!
Curated This! - an extra-curricular project curated by a group of MA CCC students.
Curated This!

We asked recent graduate Tonya Weschler to talk about the theory of curation, and putting it into practice on the course.

Do you know what unites a museum collection and magnets on your fridge, an archive and a Christmas tree in your living room, an art exhibition and your social media profile?

All of it is or can be curated. So what new can be said and understood about curatorial practice in the time like ours?

MA Culture, Criticism and Curation challenges students to explore the field of curating by engaging with it deeply and critically. The diversity of the ways the course approaches curatorial practice can be understood through the idea of caring. Notably, the word curation originates from the Latin root cura, which means care.

Caring implies both understanding and acting and this is what you will learn throughout the course – how to solve practical issues through research and theory. This is an exciting journey that will bring up the unknown and provoke you to find the new in something you think you already know.

MA Culture, Criticism and Curation is structured in such a way that you will have to work independently and within a group throughout the programme. In each of the two terms you will produce a substantial piece of writing and curate a project. In both kinds of activities you will be given a lot of freedom as well as necessary teaching support to help realise your ideas. The biggest challenge here is to be able to confront yourself in this new and often unfamiliar environment. As a true explorer you will have to search for answers to your questions and be open to the unexpected discoveries that will come on the way.

The course environment will present you with a number of opportunities to collaborate with other students and staff at Central Saint Martins as well as develop your own practice. The key is to look out for those and be daring on your exploratory journey in the world of curation.

For more information about Curated This!, visit their website.