John Simm

John Simm will be familiar to television viewers from numerous films and series ranging from The Lakes, in which he played Danny Kavanagh, to Crime and Punishment, shown in 2003, in which he led as Raskolnikov.

John first read Dostoyevsky’s novel when he was a student at Drama Centre, having arrived at the age of 19 from Nelson in Lancashire. “I came down from the north and I was surrounded by these people from Oxford and Cambridge who were extremely well read and that left me, you know… secluded. And I had to catch up. I had to be able to compete, so I read and I read and I read.” (The Guardian February 9, 2002)

He graduated in 1992. While at Drama Centre, John appeared in another Dostoyevsky piece, Camus’ adaptation of the novel The Possessed, alongside fellow students Craig Kelly and Joe Duttine. Film audiences will know him from Michael Winterbottom’s movie Wonderland, in which he appeared as Eddie. Most recently he played Cal McCaffrey, the journalist in the political thriller State of Play. Despite being one of the busiest of his generation of actors, he has time to appear with his band Magic Alex, which toured recently in support of Echo and the Bunnymen.