Jack Maskall

Extract from the Daily Express:

One week, Jake Maskall plays the East Enders' loveable rogue Danny Moon. The following week audiences at the Theatre Royal Windsor can see Jake, as a cold-blooded aristocrat.

It's starting to dawn on Jake Maskall that he is beginning to get typecast as 'a naughty boy'. But he's not complaining. After spending less than a year as Alfie Moon's wayward cousin in East Enders, he plays 'a bit of a naughty boy' in the film “Naked in London”, which comes out later this year. At the moment, he is touring the country as mass murderer Louis Mazzini in the Ealing comedy “Kind Hearts and Coronets”, which stops off at the Theatre Royal Windsor next week.

“Being naughty is always a lot more fun,” he said. “It’s an actor's dream to be rude and get away with it.” It doesn't come without hard work, however. "Everyone thinks of Alec Guinness's part in the film, when he played six characters, but I play the part played by Dennis Price and there are only three pages of the script when I'm not on stage. "l have never had such a demanding role. It really has been a feat. Louis is so different from Danny. He is debonair, a bit of a dandy and he has a very convoluted way of speaking. He uses very poetic language which I found very hard to learn”. Jake loves Ealing comedies, however. It’s a mood recreated by “The League of Gentlemen” and “Nighty Night” “That’s my kind of humour. It's twisted."

Having this job to come back to did take the pressure off Jake’s return to EastEnders, however. Jake attended Drama Centre between 1996-99. As an actor not long out of drama school, Jake was presented with ten lines to speak at the audition for Danny's part and it was up to him to give his interpretation. "It was lovely to have a free range. I am an actor and I wanted to create a character and that was brilliant.” "I was only supposed to be in it for six weeks and then die of cancer but, they loved what I had brought to the character so much that they extended it for another eight or nine months. Jake had been away for six or eight months before his return. It was lovely to go back and see everybody but this time it was very different because I did not feel so much pressure. I knew I had this job to come back to and the story line was quite mad so it was great fun to do. 'Although I've moved on, being in EastEnders was the greatest experience of my life really and I feel proud and privileged to be part of the EastEnders machine."