The Methodological Approach

Drama Centre London students

Training at the Drama Centre London is characterised by a high level of integration across all disciplines, ensuring that students develop systematically, term after term, across the full range of professional skills and aptitudes.

The Drama Centre London's distinctive approach includes:

The Stanislavski Method

The most famous and detailed of all systems and the point of departure for most subsequent developments. Training at Drama Centre London reflects both the Russian and the American methodologies. The school places a lot of emphasis on an approach to acting based on physical action, exemplified in Stanislavski’s late period work as well as that of Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof. The teaching therefore ensures a balance between the requirements of the stage on one hand and of film and television on the other.

German Expressionism and the legacy of Rudolf Laban

The Drama Centre London was created around the work of the late Yat Malmgren, one of the great solo artists of European modern dance and the creator of the Laban-Malmgren System of Character Analysis. His unique contribution developed the theoretical work on the psychology of movement initiated by Rudolf Laban, the visionary innovator in the field of choreography and movement theory.

Improvisation and the recorded media

Following in the footsteps of great originals such as Joan Littlewood and Mike Leigh, Drama Centre London adopts an eclectic approach that fuses the contributions of the modern masters, Vakhtangov, Brecht and Grotovsky, placing at the heart of its work the exploration of character, story and dramatic relationships through improvisation. 

This approach also involves actors, directors and writers in active research into the social background of the dramatic text and places political awareness at the forefront of their work. Drama Centre London lays great emphasis on applying these techniques to the recorded media (film, radio, television) as much as to the stage, offering an advanced course entirely dedicated to filmmaking.

Student individuality

Drama Centre London seeks above all to develop its students’ individuality, technical skills and professional outlook to the point where they become independent artists, committed to the management of their creative resources. Its culture is one of patient development and profound enquiry into acting, directing and dramatic writing, which are seen above all as art forms. The Centre’s ethos is based on concentration, discipline and a seriousness of approach to the arts of the stage and screen.

Links with the profession

Drama Centre London's links with the profession are extensive. In the advanced stages of their course, students are encouraged to undertake professional work whenever this is equivalent to coursework. 

In addition, Drama Centre London operates a ‘mentoring’ scheme through which students approaching their finals are paired with graduates from earlier years who explain the realities of the profession; introduce them to agents, casting directors and other professional contacts; offer advice on audition material and presentation techniques and form a useful support network in the, often difficult, early years after graduation. 

The alumni network, The Friends of the Drama Centre, supports students financially and is increasingly involved in activities - such as support for advanced workshops - undertaken by graduates in the early years of their careers.