Sustainable futures

Speculating about the future is fundamental to art and design practices, as is a thorough understanding of material lifecycles and consumer culture. Whether reinterpreting traditional craft or harnessing emerging technology, we rethink systems to enhance models of production and consumption, continually evaluating the ecological and ethical impact of our work.

Through CSM Public, we help businesses, organisations and communities reframe constraints into opportunities for innovation and resilient practices that balance considerations of people, planet and profit.

Phone 020 7514 7296 or email to discuss how we can collaborate to build a more sustainable future.

  • Sustainable Fashion Manifesto - LVMH

    Young designers create a manifesto to promote positive change in the fashion industry.

  • Bikeoff

    Reducing risk and promoting cycle usage through the design of cycling-related objects and environments.

  • Made in Patacancha

    Extending the economic reach and preserving the traditions of Peruvian handcraft against mass-produced goods.