Stimulating debate

As artists and designers we critically question and re-imagine the world around us. CSM’s rich array of disciplinary programmes and research initiatives continually generate a variety of art, design and performance based approaches to stimulate debate and engage others in reflecting upon daily life as well as considering the universal challenges that unite us all.

We can create experiences, campaigns, events and artworks that challenge the status-quo, provoke fresh perspectives and catalyse transformative ways of thinking, feeling and being.

Phone 020 7514 7296 or email to discuss how we can work with you to actively engage your audiences and community. 

  • Cally Calls

    Discovering local knowledge in collaborations between local communities and artists.

  • Alive: New Design Frontiers

    The first international design exhibition exploring how biology and design interface to create new, sustainable paradigms.

  • London is Changing

    Real voices hit the billboards, this project facilitates discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London.