Parent Information

We hope the information below will cover any questions or worries you have about your son or daughter’s Study Abroad experience.

There is also a dedicated team on hand to support students, parents and advisors from the start of the application process through to a student’s return to their home country. Please contact us by email or call on +44 20 7514 2249.

Safety and Emergencies

University of the Arts London 


Arriving in the UK

What happens in an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, there is a dedicated Study Abroad team on hand to support students, parents and advisors, who can be contacted on +44 20 7514 2249 (9pm - 5pm, Monday to Friday) or reached via email. We strongly encourage all students on the Study Abroad programme to keep both parents and the Study Abroad Office informed of their up-to-date contact information, so that communication is possible in an emergency situation. 

Students on the programme should also follow the news sections of the university website for up to date information and specific guidance about any situation that may occur while they are in London.

Finally, there are other sources of help available listed on the Student Services section of the website. 

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How safe is London and the University?

London, for a city of its size, is actually relatively crime free. Major crime (thankfully) is very uncommon, but what is more common is “petty” crime, which is largely opportunistic in its nature and usually involves the victim being unaware of anything wrong until it is too late (thieves going into your bag, for example, whilst on the tube). 

We encourage our students to take a proactive role in looking after themselves and to stay safe, taking basic precaution and becoming a little “streetwise”. On a daily basis millions of people go about their daily business without any difficulty or problem. Compared to many capital cities, London is a safe place to live. 

All University of the Arts London buildings are secure and all students are required to show their ID before being admitted to the building. All of our halls of residence have  security staff on duty 24 hours a day, and are all “access-controlled”, meaning that students have to carry their swipe keys to enter and exit the buildings.

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Why study at University of the Arts London? Will my son/daughter benefit academically from your programmes?

We are Europe’s largest university for art, design, performance, communication and fashion education. We build on our strong association with some of the world’s leading thinkers in the arts to inspire our creative community to challenge convention, generate new ideas and promote exceptional talent. 

Taught by practising artists, designers, theorists and critics, all of our high quality courses are taught in our state of the art studio facilities, and draw on London’s rich cultural resources. The quality of their teaching has been officially recognised by the Quality Assurance Agency, the UK’s quality watchdog for Higher Education. An outstanding performance in the UK’s national Research Assessment Exercise has placed the University 1st place in the Power Ranking of the 71 UK institutions who submitted to the Art and Design Unit of Assessment. 

Your son/daughter will not only benefit from our expert teaching and support staff, they will be exposed to and have the opportunity to engage with new cultures in a city that is one of the world’s most vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting places at the cutting edge of artistic development and creativity. New cultural and social experiences inside and outside the classroom will help their artistic practice, creative thought processes and help prepare them for a career in the – increasingly global – creative industries.

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How much will the programme cost?

This depends on the programme your son/daughter decides to apply to, and if they decide to apply through one of our partner third party providers/universities (these include The Study Abroad Foundation, Academic Programs International, SAI, The Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University, and The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University). 

Visit the fee information pages for students making direct applications to find out exact figures.  

The university recommendation is that students also budget an additional £1000 a month for living in London, including accommodation, but also transport, food, drink, socialising and other expenses – although realistically it should be a little bit less than this. 

Housing costs will be billed separately to the main tuition fees, but during 2013/14, students should budget approximately £200 per week (including bills) for university accommodation. 

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Will my son/daughter need insurance?

This depends on how long they intend to be in the UK and where they are from. Students travelling to the UK on a passport issued by a member of the European Union do not need insurance. 

University of the Arts London strongly recommends all students from outside the EU have appropriate travel and insurance arranged before they travel. If your son/daughter is going to be in the UK for less than 6 months they are only entitled to free emergency care on the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), so will need appropriate cover for all non-emergency treatment that they may require.

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Will my son/daughter need a visa to enter the UK?

This depends on your son/daughter’s nationality and how long they are coming to the UK for. Nationals of countries from within the European Union do not need a visa to enter the UK, regardless of the length of time they plan to stay.

If you son/daughter is planning to come to the UK for less than 6 months, and are from a majority English speaking country (for example, the United States of America), they will be able to receive – upon entry to the UK – a Student Visitor Visa which will be stamped into their passport and valid for the entire length of their course.

We strongly advise all students in the programme to check with the Study Abroad Office during the application process on what sort of visa documentation will be required. More information can be found on the UK Border Agency website.

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Will my son/daughter be collected from the airport?

Your son/daughter can book the University’s free airport collection service for international students here. They will need their UAL ID number handy. Bookings should be made at least 2 weeks before your son/daughter travels to London.

Further information about travelling to Central London from the city’s major airports can be found in your son/daughter’s pre-departure guide which was emailed to them when they were accepted to the programme.

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Will there be an orientation for students?

For our students on the integrated and stand alone programmes, yes. Our mandatory Welcome Day will give the opportunity to students to learn more about studying at Europe’s largest art and design university, as well practical information about living in London, advice and introductory sessions from the University’s support departments (including the Students’ Union and Student Services) and for students to get to know one another in a relaxed, informal setting. More information about Welcome Day will be emailed to all students on the programme in the weeks leading up to the event.

Students arriving in September will also benefit from Freshers’ Festival, a week long programme of formal and informal events designed to welcome them to the University. More information about this can be found on the SU website.

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