Kickstart Your Creativity for 16 to 18 Year Olds (Online)

Online courses occur as 1.5 hour live sessions, during which time you will interact with your tutor, classmates and course content using in-built audio and video chat, instant messaging and the virtual work display area.

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Designed to ignite and inspire your creativity with 6 weekly highly invigorating doses of drawing, painting, photography, collage and artful input designed to stimulate your intellect and refine your technical abilities...

Taught by: Ilga Leimanis.


Designed to ignite and inspire your creativity with 6 weekly highly invigorating doses of drawing, painting, photography, collage and artful input designed to stimulate your intellect and refine your technical abilities. This course shows you key methods to unlock your imagination, practice creative problem solving, and keep your innovative drive going through a series of manageable projects.You'll be encouraged to experiment with unusual materials and methods, explore a wide variety of themes and expand your abilities and horizons.

Perfect for those who want to fulfil their creative side whilst juggling the demands of a busy working, social and family life. You're welcome to join us:- whether you have previous Art and Design experience, you've grown fearful of the sketchbook, or you're curious to ignite that creative spark from scratch, this course makes art part of your everyday enjoyment.This is a unique course, developed to suit Central Saint Martins' virtual learning environment. This platform encourages you to engage with your subject in a virtual classroom accessible 24/7. Here you can share your ideas, and discuss the supplementary work created in-between sessions.

Topics covered:

  • Enhance your Drawing
  • Drawing into Painting
  • Colour and Material Collection
  • Secrets of Art History
  • Visual Communication: the Text Effect
  • Collage as a Creative Tool
  • The Art Review

Course Schedule - 6 weeks: 1.5 hours of live class per week

Week 1: Enhance your Drawing
Exercises to strengthen and develop your drawing abilities, based around Still Life. Studies include Line-work, Ellipses, Texture, and Shadows.

Week 2: Drawing into Painting
Everyone can enjoy painting, and these studies show you how. Studies include Mark-making with the brush, Layering and Tonality, and Colour Theory

Week 3: Colour and Material Collection and Secrets of Art History
Great creations come from great research. Here's how to get started on finding your inspiration.
How the great paintings were constructed: Composition and Narrative. Building visual literacy.

Week 4:  Visual Communication: the text effect
Is a picture worth a thousand words? Exploring the qualities of text and visuals, to convey or challenge a message.

week 5:  Collage as a Creative Tool
A tactile way to transform every-day images into new works of art. Focusing on Texture, Colour, and Context.

Week 6: The Art Review
A vibrant exchange of ideas, research, and inspiration collated during the course. A balanced and positive review of your own creations to discuss the development of your future work.

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Please note: This course is for students aged 16 to 18 years old only

Tutor information

Ilga Leimanis MA is a London-based artist and writer. She is a member of Five Years, an artist-run gallery, and her own practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Her teaching experience of 10 years is varied and extensive. She helps prepare students for degree courses and many of her previous students have gained places at their preferred schools. She also works with professionals looking to develop their communication and creativity skills, as well as people taking courses for personal interest.

Ilga delivers workshops for the University of the Arts (UAL) Academic Support department, working across six UAL art and design colleges. She teaches manual drawing skills for architects and engineers working at leading offices in London, including at Foster+Partners, and she also works internationally.

Ilga is author of three chapters in Creative Sketching Workshop, published by Apple Press (UK), North Light Books (North America) and Tan Yang International (Asia).

See Ilga's websites and You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Please bring with you to your first session:

  • A range of drawing pencils (ideally including 2H, H, B, 2B, 4B.)1 black pen or biro1 Sketchbook, A3 size. 
  • 1 Sketchbook, A5 or A6 size.Acrylic paint in the following colours: Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin (or Crimson) Red, Ultramarine Blue. 
  • 2 Synthetic brushes. 
  • 1 Palette with wells. NOTE: Do not buy a flat palette. 
  • 3 Sheets of A3 paper suitable for Acrylic Paint. 
  • 5 or more Felt Tip pens OR Colouring Pencils. Assorted Colours. 
  • 2x Sheets of Tracing Paper1 Pair of ScissorsPVA glue.Any extra dry drawing materials. NOTE: Any drawing equipment you find at home or at work will be suitable for our projects. Collect as many as possible for use on this course. This includes crayons, highlighter pens, marker pens, etc. If you own or can borrow any art materials e.g charcoal, pastels, etc, they will be fine too. 
  • Any kind of camera, to use in your research. Camera phone, iphone, etc will be perfect. NOTE: if you don?t have a phone with a camera function, you could use: 1.A digital camera, if you already own one, but there's no need to buy a new one for this course. 2. A disposable, polaroid, or analogue camera. 
  • If you have a scanner and/or a printer, they will be very useful on this course.

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