The Future of Urban Resilience

Heatwaves shows how, during a prolonged heatwave, residents of the Bemerton Estate repurpose the defunct basement, producing not only a safe space for residents but attracting people living in the new flats in Kings Cross whose air conditioning has failed.

This is a collaborative project and knowledge exchange with Arup Foresight + Research + Innovation.

Multidisciplinary teams of MANE students explored the future of community responses to four climate-change events - persistent cold, extreme heat, violent storms and severe flooding. The setting was Kings Cross in 2025 and the teams produced short stories or scenarios, each from the viewpoint of a different persona. The students used foresight techniques to envision four possible worlds based around two axes: reactive adaption versus proactive planning and centralized top down processes versus decentralised bottom up adaption. The outcomes were four animated storyboards.

Who was involved:

  • Deep Freeze Scenario: Julie Howell, Maya Merhi, Pei-Hsin Chen, First Sukpaiboon
  • Flooding Scenario: Arif Wahid, Huang Li Yu, Lea Hotop, Pei-Shan Su, William Price
  • Heat Waves Scenario: Georgia Jacob, Daniel Morrison, Kohei Kanomata, Nele Vos
  • Storm Scenario: Daniel Mifsud, Julia Mariani, Tom Butler, Yaqi Zhang, Yewon Shim