CSM x Studio X Rio

A two-week design studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was hosted at Studio X Rio. Working on a 'live' site and collaboratively, the Spatial Practices students developed a new family of primary school furniture, informed by research into Oscar Niemeyer's and Darcy Ribeiro's CIEP primary schools, which has a use both inside the school and outside in the wider community.

This work coincided with an exhibition about public education, which also featured the CIEPs at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR).  Together with students from PUC-Rio, the design studio involved research and development work, as well as the actual production of 1:1 furniture prototypes, working collaboratively with locally-based architects, artists and designers through a series of workshops and events and a 'live' manufacturing shop in Studio X Rio, Praca Tiradentes.

Who was involved:

  • Central Saint Martins - David Chambers, Mel Dodd
  • Studio X Rio - Pedro Rivera
  • PUC-Rio - Ana Luiza Nobre, Raul Correa-Smith, Gabriel Duarte
  • Museu de Arte do Rio - Paulo Herkenhoff, Clarissa Diniz