Bemerton East West Link

Spatial Practices is collaborating with Bemerton Villages, a 1960’s housing estate in Islington, London, in the re-qualification of the East West link between Angel and Caledonian Road in the east and King's Cross in the West that cross through its public spaces. Based on research that involves an experimental approach to community consultation and engagement, a team of third year students and staff developed this project as an investigation into the complex role that public spaces may have in the regeneration of social housing complexes as spaces for diverse activity and exchange in a broader urban framework.

This live project was initiated in January 2014 and is intended to end with the presentation of a design proposal in July 2014. The project is being developed both at Central Saint Martins and within the housing estate, in a space provided by Bemerton Villages that is being used as a laboratory for design based on the active engagement of the community.