Tetra Pak and Royal Agricultural College

BA Graphics students create visual aids for small-scale milk producers in Egypt, where 80% of the milk produced comes from producers with five cows or less. Liquid packaging company Tetra Pak wanted to improve the quantity and quality of the milk produced by these smallholders by encouraging them to register as producers for localized dairy hubs. They would then benefit from selling their milk for a fair and constant price, year round, whilst committing to delivering milk, which meets consistent standards of quality.

To help them meet this standard Tetra Pak teamed up with the Royal Agricultural College with the aim of creating a smallholders training kit, which provides information on the most important aspects of dairy cow management.

The brief delivered to our BA Graphic Design students was to create educational visual aids which demonstrate the milk cycle, cow activity and best practice hygiene and welfare procedures. It was explained to the students that due to the high percentage of landless smallholders, the hot climate and lack of grazing, cattle are normally kept within the family dwelling in ground floor housing with milk produced for home consumption first and any surplus being sold subject to fluctuating laws of supply and demand. 

As well as understanding the background and context of milk production in Egypt the students also needed to consider cultural references when creating their storyboards by avoiding any references to religion, images of bare skin or tight clothing or pictures of pigs and dogs.

The Royal Agricultural College and Tetra Pak were delighted with the results and purchased the intellectual property rights in the work of four students and worked closely with the winning team of two, Daniel McGhee and David Weller, to refine their graphics into the ones which were used in the final training kits and delivered in Egypt as part of the Dairy Hub Management Programme.


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