Ahead of Google's move to Kings Cross, their new offices are gradually taking shape behind the hoardings on Kings Boulevard and to keep the space interesting in the meantime, the company have enlisted the skills of our MA Narrative Environments students after holding a design competition last year. Several ideas were pitched in response and the winning concept was ‘Poetrics’ which was developed by Laura Ventura, Yunqi (Vanessa) Cai and Emily Kimura.

The students’ installation consists of a series of microphones and LED panels that use the Google Speech platform to turn spoken words into poetry. In doing so, they’ve combined technology and creativity in a way which will hopefully bring the vibrant and often transient population of the area together.

Joe Borrett, Director of Real Estate & Construction, EMEA, Google said: 'Thousands of people pass by our development site at Kings Cross every day so we wanted to create an experience which would bring those people together. We may not create masterpieces with Poetrics but we hope to create fun and engaging moments for everyone to share.'

Here's what our MA Narrative Environments students had to say about the project:
Laura Ventura Ricart - 'We saw Poetrics as an opportunity for people to have a collective and meaningful experience playing with language and the absurd, just as the Dada did in their surrealist game "the Exquisite Corpse". Poetrics' interactive wall collects and assembles words spoken by the people of Kings Cross and turns them into random poetry made by all.'
Yunqi (Vanessa) Cai - 'What I enjoyed most of Poetrics is that we observed and analysed the passers-by in Kings Cross, decided to use different senses (speaking and hearing) to engage people in different dimensions, created a medium which served as a bridge to bring people together and a new technology to their daily life'.
Emily Kimura, MA Narrative Environments student - 'At the design stage, we brainstormed and experimented to make sense of the Poetrics concept. As a result, we were influenced by different analog and digital elements and the Western & Eastern poetic culture, and brought them together to create a fun, collective and site-specific space intervention at King’s Cross'.


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