CSM’s BA Architecture students participated in a 5-week collaboration with UAL Estates and Bouygues UK to research and develop student accommodation of the future entitled ‘Beyond Dwelling – The next evolution of student accommodation.’

The project began with tours and briefings from UAL Estates’ Student Accommodation Development Manager, Robin Holloway and presentations from Bouygues, followed by development sessions and peer reviews. This culminated in 10 groups of 7 students presenting their work to a panel of CSM academics and representatives from both UAL Estates and Bouygues and an audience of their fellow students.

Key themes included:
Micro-living / Cellular living – How different models of accommodation may cater to evolving users’ needs
Enhanced Social Clusters – different ways of generating social interaction at different scales and times
Expanded Campuses / Condensed Neighbourhoods – student accommodation as a link between the University and the city
Expanded / Hybrid programmes – crossovers between live and work
Contextual Urbanism – student accommodation as buildable and sustainable interventions in complex urban contexts

Oscar Brito, Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Architecture at CSM, said, ‘This live project has been a great opportunity to expose our students to a complex issue, working as collaborative research groups and engaging with different real factors within and beyond UAL.  Each group approached the development of their design proposals in a strategic way, based on an analytical insight on the user groups and how these and the social, cultural and economic contexts may evolve informing, and often challenging, a booming urban and architectural typology such as student’s accommodation. An interesting theme, coming from many of the proposals, is a desire for an increased permeability between the student’s accommodation and an expanded community, creating multiple, unexpected and mutually beneficial symbioses.”

Of the ten groups that presented, 3 groups were short-listed to progress to Phase 2, a 5-week development phase, with 2 other groups being commended.


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