Cycle Camden

The London Borough of Camden commissioned BA Graphic Design graduate David Tolu Graham to illustrate a comic series. The story was scheduled to unfold over the course of the year, with one new comic published each week on the Cycle Camden Facebook page.

The comic episodes were created to encourage safer cycling in the London Borough and to generate more facebook followers. They cleverly highlighted features and events in Camden which promote cycling such as Cantelowes Skate Park and the Dr. Bike Cycle Repair events run by the Smarter Travel Team at Camden. And, in every episode ‘Cycle Camden’ text is hidden in the images.

It illustrates a love story between Sam (a non-cyclist) and Lucy (a keen cyclist), where Sam is besotted with Lucy, and takes up cycling as a way to try and spend more time with her and get to know her. Through the images Sam can be seen having a hard time trying to impress her and appears to be constantly upstaged by Diego, an arrogant and confident cyclist.

The most popular episode was ‘don’t give up Sam’ where Sam throws his bicycle in a skip after another rejection from Lucy. Gradually Lucy starts to notice Sam and (spoiler alert) he manages to win her over.

Special episodes were featured over Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The comic was also used on London underground posters and as printed floor vinyl stickers and exhibited in Neal Street in Covent Garden central London as part of Car Free Day.

Christopher Nicola, Manager of Camden's Smarter Travel Team said of the project: "The graduate was selected by Camden for his unique approach and style. He had an original style of drawing, touches with detail, expressive characters which were able to communicate much more than what’s in the speech bubbles."


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