Textile Futures Research Centre

We are experienced designers and researchers who work together to pursue answers to the question ‘How can materials and textiles enable a more sustainable future?’

Based across two eminent design colleges at the University Of The Arts London (UAL) – Central Saint Martins and Chelsea – the Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC) hosts a community of practice-based, design-led researchers who share a vision.

Our research team is augmented by PhD researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate textiles students, all participating at one of the few specialist research centres situated at an institution with an established history of design practice and teaching, one which has shaped the thinking of generations of influential designers.

TFRC examines the future of materials and textiles through three lenses – science and technology, sustainable strategy, and well-being and social innovation. Each of these platforms is distinct yet open; many researchers move between them from project to project. We strive to understand the sustainable design landscape using these different yet interconnected perspectives.