We Are CSM

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are trying to change the world


CSM is the creative and inventive ambitions of our students, staff and partners

CSM is the diversity and global reach of our community.

CSM is committed to the imaginative and ethical engagement of the arts, design and performance to effect real change - socially, politically and economically

CSM anticipates and takes opportunities through curiosity, innovation and enterprise.

CSM is transformational

We take responsibility for the impact and agency of our work. We inspire and challenge new directions through agile ways of thinking, making and doing. We persistently question the cores of our disciplines. We encourage collision and exchange across boundaries, producing unexpected and hybrid results.

CSM likes new friends and embraces old ones

We welcome others to share our physical and virtual worlds as platforms on which to initiate, test and realise ideas and action.

CSM is an empty climbing frame

This is our world

Join us.