Inspiration Examined

Inspiration Examined Shared Academy image of a student.

This project enables students to be actively involved in the creation of research which asks how ‘inspiration’ gained through engagement with museum collections is translated within the creative process.

The project provides a potential model for engagement with design collections. While work has been previously undertaken on understanding the visual aspect of ‘influence’ or how history informs current creative practices, the process by which this occurs has not been articulated.

MA Textile Design students will explore MoDA’s collections, with video interviews capturing their narratives on the process of ‘inspiration.’

The findings will be disseminated to encourage further engagement with museum collections.

Project leads

  • Linda Sandino,  CCW/ V&A Senior Research Fellow, CCW Graduate School, Chelsea College of Art.
  • Zoe Hendon , Head of Museum Collections, Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture.