Cultivating Style; Fashion & Horticulture

Cultivating Style; Fashion and Horticulture

This project embraces an innovative partnership between horticulture and fashion, with an exhibition that aims to inspire both gardeners and fashion designers alike.

During London Fashion Week, February 2014, the Garden Museum launched its new exhibition on Fashion and Gardens.

The Museum support students in showcasing their design work and garments created using sustainable textiles and natural materials. In turn, the students will offer expertise on the use of plants and craft processes in the production of textiles and fashion.

Facilitated events, including a panel discussion around fashion and horticulture, a museum late night opening, and workshops, combined with an online platform, will compliment the exhibition. It is hoped that a dialogue between the Museum and University will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources.

Project leads

  • Susan Postlethwaite, Course Leader, MA Fashion/ Environment, London College of Fashion.
  • Jo Bradshaw, Programmes Manager, Public Programmes, Garden Museum.