Develop your students’ context and critical research skills with Tate

CPD participants in Tate gallery
Rose Hillson Summers, Tate Photography ©

Develop your students’ contextual and critical research skills through working with art, artists and ideas in the exciting new Tate Modern.

Explore a diverse, innovative and inventive range of creative approaches, designed to support your students’ progression, at this 1-day continuing professional development (CPD) event from UAL and Tate. Working with a practicing artist and education facilitator, the course will promote a dialogue between art practice and teaching.

Participants will explore Tate’s renowned collection through a number of practical activities. The morning will instill the value of practice-based enquiry - entertaining the possibilities of not-knowing, encountering the unexpected, testing, failing and finding out - as a strategy for supporting the development of ideas and a meaningful learning experience for students. Inspired by time spent exploring the collection, the group will come together to discuss the possibilities presented by using the gallery as an alternative learning environment, with a focus on exam assessment processes.

Teachers will be encouraged to reflect on their own learning and critically consider how they support and measure the success of their students’ learning. The ideas, thinking and activities from the day will be collated into a digital resource for participants to use, draw upon and develop back in the classroom. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of how to make the most of the gallery as an alternative learning environment.
  • Insight into how specific assessment requirements around the development of students’ critical research skills can be met.
  • Activities designed to promote a deeper understanding of how artists practice.
  • Ways to apply the exploration of artworks and artist practice within the gallery to support student learning.
  • Strategies to improve student engagement by embracing the unexpected, experimentation and discovery.
  • How to reflect on your own learning, apply your findings in your teaching, and measure impact.

Who should attend?

Ideal for those who teach art and design qualifications at the following levels:

  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • UAL Awarding Body (Levels 1-3)
  • BTEC.


Develop your students' context and critical research skills with Tate24 November 201710.30pm-5pmTate Britain£195Book now
Develop your students' context and critical research skills with Tate22 February 201810.30pm-5pmTate Modern£195Book now

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