Completed PhDs & MPhils

Osman Ahmed - Testimony: Memories of Anfal - survivor of Nugra Salman camp
Osman Ahmed - Testimony: Memories of Anfal - survivor of Nugra Salman camp

Listed here are researchers who have recently completed PhD or MPhil degrees, their supervisory teams and their thesis title. Theses can be found in the Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon college libraries.

Towards a deep ecology of art, technology and being. An ontological investigation with particular reference to the rock-cut edifices of Ellora, India, and Tadao Ando’s Water Temple.

Documenting the Kurdish genocide - Anfal (1988) - through drawing

  • Osman Ahmed, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Professor Malcolm Quinn
  • Second Supervisors: Gerald Davis (ext.) and Christine Allison (ext.)

A metaethical study of Simone Weil’s notion of attention through critical practical analogy

Dino Alfier thesis - [PDF, 14.1 MB]

Choking on the Madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in contemporary art practice 

Sara Andersdotter thesis

Acts of endurance: a creative transformation in times of struggle in contemporary Colombian memory 

e-Co-Textile Design: How can textile design and making, combined with social media tools, achieve a more sustainable fast fashion future? 

Jennifer Ballie thesis

Gestures in machine interaction

  • Leon Barker, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Angela Geary (ext.)
  • Second Supervisors: John Rimmer (ext.) and John Harrison (ext.) 

Spectacle as myth: Guanxi, the relational and the urban quotidian in contemporary Chinese art 

Voonpow Barlett thesis - [PDF, 35 MB]

Utterance and authorship in dialogic art: or an account of a barcamp in response to the question - 'What is dialogic art?'

Learning to draw: an active perceptual approach to observational drawing synchronising the eye and hand in time and space 

  • Angela Brew, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Richard Osborne (ext.)

Angela Brew thesis

Transforming structured descriptions to visual representations. An automated visualization of historical bookbinding structures 

Interpreting Japan; central European design and architecture 1920-1940 

Narratives of home and displacement in contemporary art practice

Exposed visions: disappearance and re-appearance of the indigenous in Patagonia 

Blackboards were turned into tables…. questioning ‘horizontality’ in collaborative pedagogical art projects 

Spectacular architecture, identity crisis, cultural politics 

Sounding out: performance drawing in response to the outside environment

Maryclare Foa thesis - [PDF, 11.9 MB]

Laser finishing: a new process for designing recyclability in synthetic textiles 

Comic strips and the making of meaning: emotion, intersubjectivity and narrative drawing 

  • Simon Grennan, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Professor Stephen Farthing
  • Second Supervisor: Roger Sabin 

Uncovering the hidden Palestinian city of Jerusalem: disrupting power through art intervention

Art and counter-publics in Third Way cultural policy

Andy Hewitt thesis - [PDF, 25.9 MB]

Constructing a reflective site: practice between art and pedagogy in the art school 

  • Katrine Hjelde, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Professor Linda Drew (ext.)

Katrine Hjelde thesis - [PDF, 25.7 MB]

The traces of a traveller - Textile based narrative 

  • Shu-fang Huang, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Professor Toshio Watanabe
  • Second Supervisors: Sutapa Biswas (ext.) and Katy Deepwell (ext.)

Beyond consumption: the art and merchandise of a superflat generation

Cindy Lisica thesis - [PDF, 30.8 MB]

The oppositional gaze: contemporary image-making practice and the implications of skin colour ideals

Ope Lori thesis

Dust: exploring surface, material and time within the photographic print 

Johanna Love thesis

Beyond the mirror: towards a feminised (cartographic) process of spatiality in moving-image and installation based art

Catherine Maffioletti thesis - [PDF, 15.9 MB]

Nibbling at clouds - The visual artist encounters adventitious blindness 

  • Aaron McPeake, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Dr Hayley Newman (ext.)

Aaron McPeake thesis

Resituating the cultural meanings of Lucha Libre Mexicana: a practice-based exploration of diasporic Mexicanness 

In search of home: a Serbian identity, the art of exile and the representation of otherness

  • Natasha Mrdalj, MPhil
  • Director of Studies: Professor Toshio Watanabe
  • Second Supervisors: Sutapa Biswas (ext.) and Katy Deepwell (ext.) 

A data model to describe book conservation treatment activity 

Encounters & spatial controversies 

Limp, laced-case binding in parchment on sixteenth-century Mexican printed books

Martha Elena Romero Ramírez thesis, volume 1 - [PDF, 9.3 MB]

Martha Elena Romero Ramírez thesis, volume 2 - [PDF, 5.8 MB]

The artist-as-educator: dialogue, community and the institutional site 

  • Michaela Ross, PhD
  • Second Supervisor: Professor Linda Drew (ext.)

Michaela Ross thesis

Peirce's semeiotic and the implications for esthetics in the visual arts. An extemporary case study: the sketchbook and its position in the hierarchies of making, collecting and exhibiting. 

  • Paul Ryan, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Anita Taylor (ext.)
  • Second Supervisors: Christopher Hookway (ext.) and Avis Newman (ext.)

Paul Ryan thesis - [PDF, 111.2 MB]

Classification of finishing tools in Greek bookbinding. Establishing links from the library of the St. Catherine's Monastery Sinai, Egypt.

Japonisme in Polish pictorial arts (1885 - 1939)

Piotr Spławski thesis - [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Producing and collecting for empire: African textiles in the V&A 1852-2000

Nicola Stylianou thesis - [PDF, 12.7 MB]

Towards a philosophy of instant rhythm and generative hermeneutics 

  • Lawrence Sullivan, PhD
  • Director of Studies: Dr Hayley Newman (ext.)
  • Second Supervisors: David Ryan (ext.) and Howard Caygill (ext.)

Lawrence Sullivan thesis - [PDF, 8.6 MB]

Gestures and acclamations: some assembly required contextualising curating and exhibition practices in southeast Asia for Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale 

Ephemeral art; a philosophical proposition about the nature of time and being 

Re:Turning – from graphic verse to digital poetics 

The archaic makes the Avant-Garde. Experimental practice and primordial image. Reading the Brazilian Post-Neoconcrete and the Japanese Gutai artists through Mircea Eliada and Carl Gustav Jung.

Projective space: spatial displacements and psychological projection

  • Ken Wilder, PhD
  • Director of Studies: David Ryan (ext.)
  • Second Supervisors: Laura Jacobus (ext.) and Brendan Prendeville (ext.)

An examination of the idea of the numinous in contemporary art practice 

A study on the binding structures and materials used in the manufacture of the Grand Master L'Isle Adam (1421-1534) illuminated choral books