Materialising the Archive: Art Practice & Thought Constellations

‘Filmic Sketches’ (2015) telecined 16mm . Exhibited as part of Choreography of the Image, Tate Britain.
Tate Britain.

Speakers: Adrian Glew and Charlotte Moth

Chair: Dr Jo Melvin

Rosalind Krauss’s identification of the ‘post-medium condition’ in 'A Voyage on the North Sea: Art in the Age of the Post-Medium Condition' on the work of Marcel Broodthaers, first delivered as the Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture (London 1999), has been used as a touchstone for a mode of practice liberated from Formalism. Arguably, the premise of certain current artistic tactical uses of archives derive strategies from Marcel Broodthaers’s approach.

This session will bring together artist Charlotte Moth, whose work 'Inserts 2015' currently installed at Tate Britain, uses research strategies to materialise the archive and create new work with Tate archivist, Adrian Glew.

The discussion will identify points of convergence and divergence that may arise in consequence of the different focuses on the archive: as a medium for creative practice and as a store of cultural heritage.

Dr Jo Melvin, Adrian Glew and Charlotte Moth.