Takako Hasegawa - BA Interior & Spatial Design Associate Lecturer

Takako Hasegawa - Bauhaus Hand Dance.
Takako Hasegawa.

Takako Hasegawa works on the peripheries of architecture, art and the performing arts.

Hasegawa’s work is inspired by contemporary dance practice. Her interdisciplinary research and projects experiment with choreography, its' thinking and its' processes.

She is interested in shifting perceptions and the subjective and sometimes emotional experience in relation to spatial choreography, body and movement, in the context of architecture and art. 

Hasegawa combines this with her obsession with the unseen and unconscious systems of the city and its’ people. Her works decode and expose the anatomy and stories of the ordinary and everyday. 

Hasegawa’s work takes the form of objects, drawings, film, photography, spatial installation, performance and events. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally. 

As a freelance photographer, she finds joy in capturing fluid moments and poetry through the framing of the lens.

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