MA Fine Art Staff

'There are so many talented people in our crew' by Brian Chalkley. 2012.

Brian Chalkley - Course Director

Brian Chalkley's practice incorporates painting, performance and video work. His work has appeared in exhibitions including Nothing is Forever at South London Gallery, Dandyism and Contempt at Camden Space and Der Meschen Klee at the Kunst im Tunnel, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Teaching Staff

  • Babak Ghazi - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Stephen Wilson - Theory Coordinator
  • Cecile Emmanuelle Borra
  • Rozsa Farkas - Director and curator, Arcadia Missa
  • Morag Keil
  • Sadie Murdoch
  • Janette Parris
  • Rachel Reupke
  • Lucy Stein
  • Neal Tait 

Visiting Practitioners