Kieran Mahon - Interior & Spatial Design Senior Lecturer

‘XI. Bowling Green’ in Victoria Park, E3: An Unofficial Guidebook to an East London Space. 2010. Kieran Mahon.
Kieran Mahon.

Kieran Mahon is a Senior Lecturer and History and Theory Coordinator on the Interior and Spatial Design Programme at Chelsea.

Mahon’s teaching and research interests lie between architectural histories of nineteenth and twentieth century London, anarchism and progressive education. 

He has experience of developing, planning and facilitating a variety of educational programmes ranging from intercultural, cross-disciplinary undergraduate courses to working with local primary schools and architecture education organisations, such as Open-City. 

Mahon is currently PhD candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where his research investigates how historical understandings around progressive education, pedagogy and architecture in interwar educational environments can shape how we think about teaching and learning in the present. 

He holds degrees in History and Architectural History from Queen Mary, University of London and University College London.

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