Grace Adam - BA Interior & Spatial Design Associate Lecturer

Detail of 'A Kind of Ladder' by Grace Adam.
Grace Adam.

Grace Adam works across drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

Adam is particularly interested in our environments; how we build, negotiate and use them. Her work references town-planning, the objects we buy, the everyday and notions of what can be beautiful and where.

Our fascination with, and fetishisation of objects, manifests itself in gallery, museum, religious and domestic contexts. Our selection and collection of objects and ephemera form vast sprawling portraits of our lives and preoccupations. 

Adam is fascinated with the concept of objects as props; their purpose not only to facilitate our functioning well in our constructed spaces, but often to ‘dress’ these spaces. We like the way they look. We like what they say about us, how they describe our ‘tastes’.

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