Darren Farrell - BA Interior & Spatial Design Lecturer

Volume 3 architects - Master planning for Nevsky, St Petersburg, Russia.
Volume 3 architects.

Darren Farrell is a designer, researcher and lecturer.

Farrell has worked for a number of architecture and interior companies including Building Doctors, Desitecture, Paul Daly Design Studio and Volume 3 Architects. 

He has taught at a number of design schools including; the Bartlett, Ravensbourne and London College of Communication. 

Farrell trained in architecture, interiors, graphics and pedagogy at the Royal College of Art, Ravensbourne, Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion respectively.

He is currently developing research that focusses on the investigation of 2D and 4D interfaces and their relationships with 3D outcomes, experiences and cultural paradigms. 

This research includes the investigation of graphic and other 2D interfaces, motion and still, and relationships between virtual and physical actualities of the built environment and their impact on the subconscious. 

Farrell is also interested in people’s ability to perceive three-dimensionality, their awareness of it, and the transference of ideas from drawings and images into 3D forms.

Farrell has been part of the BA Interior and Spatial Design staff team for the past eight years. He coordinates the Design Practice series of construction, technology and detail site visits with second year students. He also assists in the delivery of the Precedent Report element of the third year history and theory unit and co-tutors a design research studio on the course.

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