Rose Danford-Philips - BA Textile Design

Rose Danford-Philips is a first year BA Textile Design student at Chelsea College of Arts.

What year are you in and where are you from?

I'm in my first year and I'm from London.

Why did you choose to study BA Textile Design at Chelsea? 

I chose Chelsea because they had a relaxed but focused way of working that really appealed to me. A lot of universities have a high-pressure environment that I really dislike, but at Chelsea you just get on with your work without the same pressure and competition. 

The course has a fantastic history too - go and see the graduate shows if you can, they're amazing!

I chose textiles because I love texture and colour. The subject is very broad too, with so many directions you can take, so it's easy to do very different individual things. 

Chelsea also has a lot of facilities that are made available for all courses, like laser-cutting, wood, ceramics, casting and metal workshops. With these tools, you can make whatever you create really individual.

We've got technicians and specialists for every workshop too, who seem to know everything. These guys are extremely helpful in helping you develop ideas and giving advice on how you can improve your work. 

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I'm working on a pair of feather trousers for our fashion project where we take our textiles and apply them to a fashion context.

And what's been the highlight of your course so far?

Finishing my project and getting good grades, as well as using the knitting machine for the first time. I want to specialise in knitting, so it was love at first sight!

What's surprised you most about studying at Chelsea?

I was surprised at how much the course demanded from me - it's five days a week and I do a lot of work at home as well.

Describe your course in five words.

Fun, hard work, intense, experimental and varied.

Any advice for the next generation of Chelsea students?

You should know that it is hard work, but that it really pays off too. The standard is very high so be prepared to spend most of your time making things.