Raashi Pachisia - MA Interior & Spatial Design

Raashi Pachisia is an MA Interior and Spatial Design student at Chelsea College of Arts.

Where are you from?


Why did you choose to study MA Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea? 

Chelsea is well known in India, especially in terms of interior and spatial design. The course also has an amazing list of speakers. 

What are you working on at the moment?

My project is on the fusion of old and new. Specifically, mixing India's rich cultural traditions like Indo-Islamic patterns with modern technology such as bio mimicry and fractal geometry.

Tell us about the most challenging aspect of your course?

Getting used to fewer classes a week and the self-directed learning.

And what's surprised you most about studying here?

How encouraging and open-minded the tutors are, no idea is wrong here.

Any advice for the next generation of Chelsea students?

If you want your creativity to soar beyond the mundane commercial needs, this is the course to opt for. Not only does it help your spatial imagination, but the great facilities and tutors help make your ideas become a reality.