Heba Elnabawy

Heba Elnabawy (Egyptian)

The Principles of Interior Design - One and Introduction to Furniture Design.

When I am not taking Short Courses, I work as the owner of Harmony Galleries in Egypt, which specializes in classic and contemporary furniture.

Because I work in the furniture field, I have always wanted to know much more about Interior Design and I was anxious to learn more! After searching on the Internet, I found the courses in Dubai from Chelsea College of Art and felt that the courses would be the best choice for me. I am pleased to say that my choice was right as I really enjoyed the courses very much! They were intriguing, interesting and straight to the point due to their intensity.

The favourite element for me was working with my hands and creating mood and concept boards, drawing plans and exploring skills I never thought, or knew, I had!

I will never forget the wonderful teachers I met and, by the end of the courses, I also got to be friends with lovely colleagues from different countries.

My one piece of advice to someone who is unsure about studying these courses is:  It really an unforgettable experience - don't miss it!