Student Reviews

Student reviews of short courses in Dubai

Find out more about our short courses from a student's perspective in our student profiles and course reviews.

  • Heba Elnabawy

    Contemporary furniture gallery owner Heba took two Short Courses in Dubai to develop her knowledge of interiors and furniture design.

  • Yasemin Richie

    Yasemin is an Emirates Woman of the Year award winner and studied Short Courses with us to cement her design skills.

  • Deborah Staines

    Deborah studied five Short Courses in Dubai to extensively enhance her Interior Design skills, building on her Real Estate experience.

Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions - One

"Exceeded my expectations" - Anon 

"The instructor we're so knowledgeable, they put a lot of thought into the course content and it showed" - Danna Writes

Read more in Danna Writes' review 'A Curator's Role: My Review Of Chelsea College of Arts' Short Course In Dubai'


The Principles of Interior Design - One

“This course over exceeded my expectations!” - Heba Elnabawy.

"As soon as I started my first course, I was very impressed with the professionalism of the tutors." - Deborah Staines

“I enjoyed every step of this course and seeing all my work come together. I especially enjoyed Lyndall's references to her experiences and seeing examples of her work as it made the course very relevant - it gave us an insight into the working life of an Interior Design professional” - Joanna Low

“My favourite part of the course was learning the floor planning and how to draw elevations that look very professional. This course has really helped me to understand how to look at spaces and plan accordingly.” - Batool Jafri

“I loved every single minute of it!” - Mimi Shakhashir


The Principles of Interior Design - Two

"The course exceeded my expectations on every level" - Fatema

"Challenging pace - wonderful!" - Anne

"Lyndall makes her teaching very accessible for everyone, to get to know the practice and process step-by-step" - Floriane

"My favourite element of the courses was learning from the tutors and sharing a passion with so many like-minded students. I feel that I have learnt how to approach interior design with a confidence in my ability as well as being able think outside the box and give lots of attention to detail." - Deborah Staines.

"The tutor is simpy EXCELLENT, she makes everything enjoyable and gives great value in terms of skills learned. As a result of this course, I will design better." - Maura Kent

"My favourite part of the course was gaining more confidence and building on the ability to trust my own design instinct. It was all fanstastic!" - Fiona Abernethy

"I expected to gain faster technical skills, speed and confidence in designing on this course - and I did." - Jessica Mason


Starting an Interior Design Business

"Matteo had a great depth of knowledge, patience and was energizing" - Anne

"It exceeded my expectations" - Fatema

[my favourite part of the course is that] "the tutor gives us real life example" - Fatemah

“This course has made me feel much more confident and ready to start a business. I also feel that the skills learnt will be useful in my current job” - Jessica Mason

“My expectations of this course were to make sure that what I have been practicing in my interior design business is actually correct and my expectations were met. The course is perfect.” - Aseel Al Hamad

“My favourite part of the course was learning from Matteo - his sincerity and honesty about all that he taught us. As a result of this course, I will start planning, becoming organized and systematic.” - Ronda Koljonen


Lighting Design Concepts

“As a result of this course I will study lighting wherever I go and really plan lighting in renovation projects. I will look at lighting effects in a whole new light!.” - Deborah Staines

“My favourite part of the course was learning about new lights, technical information and seeing different lighting plans!” - Hilka Relander