Research & Graduate School

The Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Graduate School gives staff and PhD/MPhil students based at Camberwell access to a wider research network and community.

Camberwell’s research focuses on design, illustration, book arts, craft, painting and photography. The college shares common research interests with Chelsea and Wimbledon in drawing, critical fine art practice, art history and theory.

Our Graduate School enables Camberwell staff and students to develop their research careers and create research with cultural and social value.

Camberwell research staff

  • Dan Sturgis.
    Dan Sturgis.

    Dr Dan Sturgis

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  • Duncan Wooldridge.
    Duncan Wooldridge.

    Duncan Wooldridge

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  • Double Dutch (detail) - Kelly Chorpening.
    Kelly Chorpening.

    Kelly Chorpening

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  • Staircase Prototype - Sigune Harmann.
    Sigune Harmann.

    Sigune Hamann

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