Rebecca Guez - BA Painting

Rebecca Guez - BA Painting
Rebecca Guez - BA Painting.
Rebecca Guez - BA Painting

Rebecca Guez is a second year BA Painting student at Camberwell College of Arts.

Why did you choose Camberwell's BA Painting course?

Camberwell is a practical place that seems to fit the way I work. It also has a friendly and creative atmosphere. 

Tell us more about your current practice.

Letting the material and spontaneous process drive the outcome, I am interested in painting’s romantic ideals, and the dialogue they have with contemporary painting.  

Could you tell us about your experience of Unit, the Fine Art second year exhibition at Café Gallery Projects?

It was a real privilege to exhibit at such a well-established and well-run space. Preparing for the show was a lot of work! But it was a great experience working with peers, tutors and staff at the gallery. 

There were some complications along the way, but that is just the nature of putting on such a large exhibition. I am also interested in curating so this experience gave me an insight into this process. 

How do you feel taking part in the exhibition has helped your practice?

The experience of discussing the exhibition in a formal critique setting as well as informally at the private view was invaluable. It highlighted area’s to push forward in my practice and has given me more confidence in my work.

What's been the highlight of your course so far?

The Unit exhibition has to be a highlight. Along with the series of abstract painting lectures that happened in the autumn term. Speakers included Hal Foster, Briony Fehr, David Mann and Dan Sturgis, our Course Leader. 

What’s next? 

At the moment I am giving time to my practice and am focussing on making more work. I have also recently been involved in Roll Call, a cross course exhibition in collaboration with BA Graphic Design students.