Marta Barina – BA Photography

Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.

Marta Barina is a second year BA Photography student at Camberwell College of Arts.

Why did you choose Camberwell's BA Photography course?

I chose to study BA Photography at Camberwell not only because I was looking for a great Fine Art course, but also for a Fine Art environment.

Camberwell is a lively place where students are encouraged to experiment and mix, with no fear to make mistakes. 

Moreover, we have a very well equipped darkroom and a large studio for each year. 

Tell us about your current practice.

My creative practice isn’t defined yet. Since my first year at Camberwell I’ve always been changing my approach to photography from one project to another. 

From a pinhole camera, to a stop motion video, from liquid light print, to Photoshop manipulated photographs.

I’m currently interested in how the public perceives art in galleries, and in response to this topic, I think that my next work will be an installation.

Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.

Could you tell us about your experience of Unit, the Fine Art second year exhibition at Café Gallery Projects?

Everyone put a lot of effort into this show; the students, the steering committee, Neil Drabble and the other tutors. 

We visited the gallery in advance to consider the space. We looked at the lighting, surfaces and size. We had to think about risks, money and timing. 

It was our responsibility to deliver the works, to set them up and to document the exhibition. It was hard, but also satisfying and rewarding.

What's been the highlight of your course so far?

I really enjoy the workshops. The most exciting one so far has been the curatorial position workshop led by Duncan Wooldridge, our Course Leader. 

In five days five students had to curate and set up their own exhibitions in different spaces within the College. It was a big challenge for all of us!

Another thing that I have to mention are the photography lectures that we have once a week. They are big source of inspiration. 

Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.
Marta Barina - BA Photography.

What’s next?

Alongside my college projects, I’m also producing furniture with the artist Sinuhe Pianella. Sinuhe is a craftsman with a studio in Peckham. He creates bespoke furniture and works exclusively with wood.

When he saw my piece Inward (a handmade pinhole camera, print and video) at the Fake Nature exhibition last year in Dalston, he contacted me. We talked about how Fine Art photography and furniture design could come together. We created our first piece for an event held at the Royal Academy of Arts called Sixties Snapshots. 

Another piece, the Hopper Table, is a studio desk inspired by the designer Wharton Esherik. On top of the table, I printed a photograph that I took with a pinhole camera. The table is now on sale at The Shop at Bluebird in Chelsea. 

We are working on new pieces to create a collection of unique art furniture.