Chinoko Sakamoto – BA Sculpture

Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture
Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture.
Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture

Chinoko Sakamoto is a second year BA Sculpture student at Camberwell College of Arts

Why did you choose Camberwell's BA Sculpture course?

I came to London from Japan three years ago to study art. I did my Art and Design Foundation at Kingston University. During my Foundation, I visited a lot of Fine Art courses. I chose Camberwell because it has specialist Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture courses rather than a single Fine Art course. One of the benefits of this is the class sizes aren’t too big. 

Tell us about your current practice.

My practice focuses on ceramic works. Camberwell has amazing facilities and these days I spend most of my time at college in the ceramic workshops. 

I am currently making ceramic pots and thinking about how my hand crafted objects can connect to the ideas that I am interested in within art history, such as the readymade.

Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture.
Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture.
Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture.

Could you tell us about your experience of Unit, the Fine Art second year exhibition at Café Gallery Projects?

It was an absolutely unforgettable event. This was the first time I had exhibited my work in a gallery environment. For the exhibition I created two wooden plinths that had readymade objects displayed on top of them.

Thanks to this exhibition, I now have a deeper understanding of materials such as wood, glass and acrylic. I also have more knowledge of printing large photographs.

How do you feel taking part in the exhibition has helped your practice?

It was a great getting out of the sculpture studio and being surrounded by other fine art students from different departments. I really like working with sculptors, but cross-course events like these give me something fresh. 

To be honest, the installation of my work was not a fun time for me. Thinking about all technical issues such as, how to transport my work safely, how my objects looked in the gallery space and the relationship with other works was difficult and stressful, but now I am sure these experiences will help me in the future.

Finishing off the project I had been working on since the autumn was quite emotional!