Fine Art Second Year Show

Second year students from Camberwell’s undergraduate fine art programme have the opportunity to show their work externally in a cross-course exhibition.

All students from BA Drawing, BA Painting, BA Photography and BA Sculpture take part in the group exhibition as part of their professional practice development.

The exhibition is held across two venues; Dilston Grove and Cafe Gallery in Bermondsey, south London. Previous spaces have included; The Biscuit Factory, Shoreditch Town Hall and Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Rebecca Guez - BA Painting.
Rebecca Guez - BA Painting.
Hugh Smyth - BA Photography.
Chinoko Sakamoto – BA Sculpture.
Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture.
Giorgia Castiglioni - BA Photography. Excerpt from 'Id De Quo Loquitur'. HD video on 48" HD LED screen, colour, silent. 7’ 27" looped.
Giorgia Castiglioni - BA Photography. 'Id De Quo Loquitur'. HD Video on 48
Giorgia Castiglioni - BA Photography. 'Id De Quo Loquitur' video piece at Dilston Grove.
Giorgia Castiglioni - BA Photography.
Jia Xin Yuan - BA Drawing.