Wentworth Pewter & The V&A's Sackler Centre

Objects made from pewter

The clients asked students to design and re-work something old, made from pewter, for a new audience. The work was to be shown as part of an exhibition at the Sackler Centre.

Who: Wentworth Pewter and the V&A’s Sackler Centre
With: BA 3D Design students, Camberwell College of Arts
What: Pewter exhibition

Students created a range of items using pewter, alongside other materials. Some students’ pieces were awarded prizes at the PewterLive competition run by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers. The majority of other work was sold at Dulwich Open House.

“Working with undergraduate design students highlights new possibilities for products and markets that we have yet to find in spite of trading in pewter products for over 60 years.”

- Richard Abdy, Managing Director, Wentworth Pewter

Our students’ ability to breathe new life into old processes and materials helped Wentworth Pewter raise the profile of pewter, bringing it to the attention of a new audience.

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