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UAL Showroom collects, selects, shows and sells the best art and design from all creative disciplines across the University, in order to profile and promote our talented students and graduates for work opportunities, commission and sales.

The space is programmed and managed by the Careers and Employability department and free to visit.

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Attributes Illustrated
Introducing UAL's Creative Attributes Framework

6 February – 12 May 2017
UAL Showroom

Nine UAL students and alumni visually interpret and illustrate Careers and Employability’s recently launched Creative Attributes Framework (CAF).

This exciting new framework is comprised of nine attributes that we have identified will best prepare our students and graduates for their future. The attributes enable them to develop and sustain a rewarding professional life.

This interactive exhibition also allows visitors to capture and share their own experiences of the 9 creative attributes.

Limited edition prints from the exhibition are available to buy through the UAL eStore.

For more information about the Creative Attributes Framework, please visit the following webpage
The Creative Attributes Framework is led by Careers and Employability, and is part of the University of the Arts London’s Teaching and Learning Exchange.


Alexander James Wood
Camberwell College of Arts / BA (Hons) Illustration / 2015

Alice Skinner
London College of Communication / BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media / 2016 

Bee Osterman
BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Illustration Pathway) at Central Saint Martins / 2015

Freya Morgan
Central Saint Martins / BA (Hons) Graphic Design / 2016

Gaurab Thakali  
Camberwell College of Arts / BA (Hons) Illustration / 2014

Ignacia Ruiz
Central Saint Martins / BA (Hons) Graphic design and Illustration/ 2015

Laura Bianchi
Camberwell College of Arts / MA Printmaking / 2017

Rebecca Hendin
Central Saint Martins / BA (Hons) Graphic Design, 2010 / MA Communication Design, 2014

Robbie Porter
Camberwell College of Arts / MA Illustration / 2013

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