Current Show

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder
10 April – 23 May 2014
UAL Showroom

To celebrate Made in Arts London’s second anniversary, they will be showcasing a selection of the artists they have worked with over that period, alongside new additions for Spring 2014. Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a student and graduate-led enterprise, promoting and selling art and design by UAL students and recent graduates. MiAL is run by SUARTS, the Students’ Union of University of the Arts London.



Cheryl Papasian
Chelsea / MA Fine Art / 2014

Conall McAteer
CSM / Foundation Art and Design / BA Fine Art / 2012

Daniel Challis
CSM/ BA Fine Art/ 2013

Dominika Świerad
LCC/ BA Surface Design/ 2015

Chelsea/ MA Fine Art/ 2013

Fredrik Andersson
Camberwell/ BA Illustration/ 2016 

Gali Sand
CSM/ BA Ceramic Design/ 2014

Isabella Pagnotta
LCC/ BA Surface Design/ 2015

Jacob Eaton
Camberwell/ BA Painting/ 2012

Jessica Windhorst
CSM/ MA Fine Art/ 2015

Joanna Zhou
Chelsea/ BA Graphic Design for Communication/ 2007

Karen Davies
Chelsea/ MA Fine Art/ 2013 

Lara Morrell
CSM/ MA Photography/ 2013 

Laura Aldous
LCC/ BA Surface Design/ 2014

Marlene Huissoud
CSM/ MA Textile Futures/ 2014

Michael G. Maris
Camberwell/ BA Illustration/ 2014

Miranda Sofroniou
Camberwell/ BA Illustration/ 2012

Monica Alcazar-Duarte
LCC/ MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography/ 2014

Rene Ramirez
Camberwell/ BA Illustration/ 2013

Robbie Porter
Camberwell/ BA Illustration/ 2013 

Ronnie Chan
CSM/ MA Jewellery Design/ 2013 

Rosie Brewer
Camberwell/ BA 3D Design/ 2012

Rowan Alexander Ottesen
Camberwell/ BA Graphic Design/ 2014

Sarah Fortais 
CSM/ MA Fine Art/ 2013

Sylvia Moritz
Camberwell/ BA Graphic Design/ 2014

Zoe Tynan-Campbell
Camberwell/ BA 3D Design/ 2013


All works are for sale through the online shop:

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About the UAL Showroom

UAL Showroom collects, selects, shows and sells the best art and design from all creative disciplines across the University, in order to profile and promote our talented students and graduates for work opportunities, commission and sales. 

The space is programmed and managed by the Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE).

Events and Special Openings

A programme of events and special openings will take place in the Showroom during the exhibition.

Breakfast Viewings

An early morning opportunity to view the exhibition and purchase pieces of work available from Made in Arts London's latest collection. 
Breakfast supplied by Fields to all those who attend. 

  • 8:30-9:30am, Thursday 24 April
  • 8:30-9:30am, Thursday 1 May
  • 8:30-9:30am, Thursday  22 May

Artsist Talks

Exhibiting artists and designers will be discussing their practice and inspirations.

  • Edgar Walker: 6-7pm, Friday 25 April
  • Dominika Swierad & Isabella Pagnotta: 6-7pm, Wednesday 30 April
  • Monica Alcazar-Duarte: 6-7pm, Friday 9 May
  • Sylvia Moritz & Rene Ramirez: 6-7pm, Wednesday 14 May
  • Daniel Challis: 6-7pm, Friday 16 May
  • Karen Davies & Cheryl Papasia: 6-7pm, Wednesday 21 May 


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